Designing for our design community

Axure widget.png

Axure is a dynamic rapid prototyping tool that was being adopted by designers at Intuit. Our designers lacked a toolset specifically geared towards this tool as teams were transitioning as new users. We wanted to make it easier for them to onboard while providing helpful tools they needed to design effectively. Additionally, our stakeholders in management saw the effectiveness of our prototypes and asked for more support and tools for the design community.


Solution + Impact

As a lead member of a small core team, we set out to enable designers across the company to design more effectively. I created the mobile patterns for our iOS apps and animations. Our team's widget library enabled our designers to prototype faster while focusing their time on the bigger user experience opportunities. By creating an enriched widget library for Axure in conjunction with our growing internal design pattern library, our team enabled the designers across multiple business units throughout the company to focus on creating better experiences for our customers.